Improvement in the provision and quality of services

For the past several years, the Tax Administration has been working towards constantly improving the quality and provision of services.

In this perspective, the system of a single tax correspondent has been adopted, which implies on the one hand, a single manager for each taxpayer, and on the other, the management of taxpayers per category.


  • The Large Tax Unit manages the “big” tax-payers, i.e. those whose turnover is at least equal to 1 billion CFA francs.
  • The Specialized Centres for the Liberal Professions are an illustration for the management per category of taxpayers. They are responsible for the management of lawyers, notaries, accountants, pharmacists, doctors in private practice…
  • The Taxation Centres for medium-sized enterprises.

This diversification of the offer of service aims to bring the Tax administration nearer the taxpayer. Henceforth, the latter is entitled to be closely followed up.

Improved access to services

The Directorate General of Taxation has, for the past few years, established a toll free call centre (82 00) and a website in order to make fiscal information readily available to the users.

Thus the taxpayers can, at any time, consult legislative and regulatory documents on tax matters (General Taxation Code, Circulars from the Director General, tax conventions, the Taxpayer’s Charter, Finance Laws, etc) on the following website:

Also, they can have access to practical information and even download forms for the declaration of all taxes and duties. The site also offers the possibility for users to make suggestions, since it is interactive.

All this arsenal contributes to make the Tax Administration accessible to all.


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