With a view to promoting and sustaining the decentralization process, the Ministry of Finance is involved in the smooth running of the activities of the local communities. This includes:

In the technical field

The assistance of the Ministry of Finance to the local communities is focused on the following actions:

  • Providing the expertise of the Tax services through the use of its personnel ;
  • Providing support by the fiscal administration through seminars, refresher and upgrading courses ;
  • Providing technical assistance in matters relating to tax control and litigation;
  • Ordering and making provision for council stamps;
  • Ordering, selling and remitting the proceeds of the windscreen licences to local authorities;
  • Managing certain local taxes and duties ;
  • Collecting and remitting to local authorities, revenues from local taxes managed by the State fiscal services ;

In the field of cash flow

These are tax exemptions likely to assist the local communities, such as:

  • Granting certificates of exemption from company tax;
  • Free registration of acts which should normally be registered at the expense of the local communities;
  • Free registration of contracts signed between local communities and other companies;
  • Exempting local communities from the payment of business licence for their cultural, educational, health, social, sporting and tourist activities.

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