The Customs Administration supports the local communities in the collection of council taxes. In this regard, the proceeds from that collection, representing 10% of the VAT, are broken down as follows, since the 2010 Finance Law:

  • For the Customs units located within the Douala and Yaounde sectors:
    • Support to customs collection : 10%
    • FEICOM : 90%
  • For the Customs units located in the other sectors
    • Support to customs collection : 10%
    • Council of the area : : 28%
    • FEICOM : 62%

In order to fight against fraud and smuggling, the 2011 Finance Law provides: for border hinterland localities, councils which have arranged single entry points, warehouses and customs clearance areas, or frontier markets, an annual financial allowance calculated on the basis of the budgetary income realized by the customs offices located on the territory of the council.


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