Instituted by the 1996/1997 Finance Law, the Approved Tax Management Centres (ATMCs) were organised by Decree No. 2000/002/PM of 6 January 2000, modified by Decree No.2007/0456/PM of 29 March 2007, which also fixes the tax benefits granted to the members of the said centres. The modalities for implementation of the above-mentioned decree were fixed by Order No. 079/PM of 29 March 2007.

What is an Approved Tax Management Centre?

An ATMC is an association approved by the Minister in charge of Finance, whose aim is to provide assistance in management, guidance and execution of financial and accounting obligations to small enterprises which are members and realising an annual turnover of between 15 and 100 million CFA francs.

Who can set up an ATMC?

  • Accounting professionals regularly approved by CEMAC;
  • Taxation professionals;
  • Consular Chambers;
  • Regularly established professional organizations of industrialists, traders, craftsmen or farmers;
  • Owners of legal chambers or firms.

How to obtain the approval?

The approval is granted by the Minister in charge of Finance.

To be admissible, any approval file should show evidence of membership of at least 100 companies realizing an annual turnover, exclusive of taxes, of between 15 000 000 and 100 000 000 CFA francs.

Prior to their approval, the ATMCs should first conclude with the Tax Administration a specifications agreement outlining the role of the agents of the latter who are responsible for providing them with technical assistance.

What is the role of the Tax Administration in the functioning of the ATMCs?

The Tax Administration, through a Tax Inspector, provides permanent technical assistance to the ATMCs under conditions fixed by both parties. The mission of the above-mentioned Tax Inspector is to answer verbally or in writing to all the questions raised by the Centre concerning the assessment of its members.

Answers should be in writing and signed by the Tax Inspector. They commit the Administration vis-à-vis the members in so far as they are in conformity with the law and the generally agreed doctrine, and the situation presented corresponds exactly to the actual situation of the member.

The Tax Administration should ensure that the results stated by the members and their legal obligations are coherent.

What are the benefits granted to ATMC members in tax issues?

  • A 50% reduction of the assessable profit;
  • The keeping of their accounts by a professional approved by the ATMC;
  • The permanent technical assistance of a Tax Inspector in the follow up of their tax obligations.

What are the obligations of members of the ATMC?

  • Providing the ATMCs with all the elements necessary for the establishment of sincere accounts;
  • The validation of their accounts by the ATMC;
  • The payment of the services provided by the ATMC.

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