In terms of the improvement of the business environment in Cameroon, the on-going projects in the Ministry of Finance are essentially on:

  • active participation in the deliberations of the Committee for the Follow up and Evaluation of the recommendations adopted within the framework of the Cameroon Business Forum ;
  • the exploitation of the reports of studies relating to various reform proposals, to examine the relevance as well as the feasibility of its implementation ;
  • the follow up of the implementation of the recommendations of the last Tax Reform Commission that held in 2007 ;
  • collaboration with other ministries and development partners in the search for efficient solutions for the obstruction to investments ;
  • revision of the tax systems, to permit a fairer taxation of enterprises according to the level of their activities.
  • the simplification of tax procedures with the implementation of computerised online procedures (e-declaration and e-payment)
  • the publication of a User’s Guide of the taxation department and the elaboration of a general taxpayers’ charter, in order to reinforce the protection of the latter in the face of the tax authorities ;
  • the pursuit of the densification of the network of international tax conventions in order to facilitate trade with several countries and attract investors.



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