The self-employed agent cannot have an agency.

Profile of the unsalaried agent (Articles 329, 502, 506, 515 of the CIMA Code).

To be an unsalaried agent of a Broker or a General Agent of an Insurance Company, the candidate should:

  • either have a \”Diploma of Insurance Technician\” (DIT) the International Institute Insurance (IIA) or any other certificate judged equivalent by IIA and to have effected an internship of six (06) months in an Insurance structure ;
  • or have the \”Diploma of Insurance Technical Agent\” (DATA) from IIA or any other diploma judged equivalent by the IIA and have a professional experience of at least two (02) years in the insurance sector;
  • or fulfil the conditions of professional capacity provided for in article 329 of the CIMA Code;
  • fulfil the conditions of honourableness (article 506 of the CIMA Code).

Composition of the file

The insurance Company having mandated the General Agent or having designated its agents or the Broker addresses one (01) stamped application to the Minister in charge of the Insurance sector (article 518 of the CIMA Code) accompanied by the following documents :

  • two (02) passport sized photographs 4×4 ;
  • a certified true copy of birth certificate dated less than six (06) months ;
  • a certificate of non-conviction dated less than three (03) months ;
  • a signed and dated curriculum vitae;
  • a declaration form (CIMA model), signed by the Public Prosecutor at the Court of First Instance;
  • a certified true copy of the certificate featuring on the abovementioned list;
  • an attestation of presentation of the original of the certificate ;
  • a booklet or an attestation of professional internship if necessary ;
  • a certificate of nationality ;
  • an agreement of collaboration signed between the Unsalaried Agent and his Principal ;
  • a resident card for foreigners ;
  • any other document judged necessary.

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