The Ministry of Finance, through the Directorate General of Taxation is involved in Government solidarity through services provided to the other Ministries. Namely:

  • The Ministry of External Relations through the issuance of certificates of exemption from certain taxes and duties to the diplomatic missions accredited to Cameroon;
  • The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, through the realization of the Cameroonian share in the funding of major projects (issuing of certificates of payment of taxes and duties );
  • The Ministry of Public Works through the collection of road revenues and their remittance to the Road Fund;
  • The Ministries of Basic Education and Secondary Education through tax reliefs (exemptions from taxes and duties) granted to education-related projects;
  • The General Delegation for National Security through the production and provision of fiscal stamps for national identity card, passport and resident permit;
  • The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization through technical support to local authorities;
  • The Ministry of Social Affairs through tax exemptions granted to poor and disabled persons;
  • The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Technological Development through tax exemptions granted to companies under the Investment, Gas, Petroleum and Mining Codes, as well as those under the developmental projects regime ;
  • The Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure through the programme for the securitization of land revenues;
  • The Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife through the programme for the securitization of forestry revenues;
  • The Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Breeding through the programme for the securitization of fisheries and animal breeding revenues;
  • The Ministry of Energy and Water Resources through the programme for the securitization of water and energy revenues;
  • The Ministry of Justice through the coverage of judicial acts registered in debit and collaboration in the fight against fraud and money laundering;

All the other Ministries through the coverage of taxes and duties on public contracts concluded by these structures and more generally through the mobilization of the budgetary resources necessary for the functioning of government services.


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