Practical instruments

  • The telephone call centre which permits users to be in permanent communication with the Administration through a toll free number (82 00);
  • An interactive web site which puts at the disposal of the users texts and tax information and which permits exchanges with the Administration ( ;
  • The Centres of Enterprise Creation Formalities which permit any promoter to create an enterprise within 72 hours by putting at his disposal all the necessary facilities;
  • The electronic-procedures in the course of implementation which would give users the possibility to make their declarations and their payment on line.

Tax documentation

  • The General Tax Code in which one finds in addition to the usual provisions, several other texts notably the circular that explains the new provisions of the Finance Law for the on-going year ;
  • The Handbook of Cameroon taxation, document of dissemination which provides answers to questions commonly asked, it is meant for all those who, professionals or not, are interested in taxation;
  • The Collection of Administrative Doctrine which makes a census of and updates all the points of doctrine adopted by the tax Administration ;
  • The Taxpayer’s Charter which informs users on their rights and guarantees, notably during controls ;
  • The Taxation service user’s Guide which defines the modalities susceptible of being used by users during the tax procedures.

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