What I have seen in the Stands is extremely interesting. The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, made this remark during his visite to the Yaounde Trade Fair (PROMOTE 2022), this February 23, 2022. During the visit to the site at the Conference Center, the Minister went through several stands of the close to 800 stands, where a myriad of goods and services are being exhibited. At each stop to the stands, he was keen to listen to what the various presenters had to say concerning what is being exhibited. In return was, words of encouragement from the Minister. This was particularly to those people who are transforming our local products for consumption. As such, he did not hesitate to reiterate the President’s wish geared on, “Consuming Cameroonian Products”. “What I have seen through the stands is extremely interesting, in the sense that, there is a lot of initiatives which are geared towards responding to the Head of State’s call for structural transformation of our economy, so that we can produce more of what we are consuming and, to consume more of what we are producing. This is the objective of the current Government Strategy listed in SND-30. In some stands, the Minister was impressed by the finished products being exhibited and did not hesitate to encourage them while expecting many of such, so as to reduce our dependence on foreign products”. While the Minister gave ample time to listen to the sectors of goods, he had less time to the service sector especially banking and finance. His reason was that, he is already aware of the domain because he is in it. These include: Banks, which we have a lot of them rendering services of various types to their clients, as well as financial Cooperatives. It should be noted that, most of the services rendered by these financial institutions are electronic. An evolution which favours all group of people, be it the physically challenge or the physically upright. This transformation from manual to electronic service delivery is what the Minister attest is ongoing in Ministries like the Economy, MINFI and MINCOMMERCE. The Minister also visited the lone State broadcasting CRTV stand. A replica of the Station has been erected there where by, the various compactments and sections are glaring. CRTV Spots, CRTV News, CRTV Web etc. It should be noted that this biannual Trade Fair brings together national and international exhibitors and will wrap up on February 27, 2022.