The declaration was made during one of the audiences amongst two granted by the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, yesterday February 22, 2022. The first of it between the Minister of Finance and, the Director of African, Middle and Eastern Mediterranean, Valerie Levkov, was on the Hydroelectric Project on the Sanaga River. Speaking after a close door tete-a-tete with the Minister of Finance, the Director said that they discussed a wide range of issues relating to the Hydro project on the Sanaga River. They took stock of the level of activities carried out, the state of the project and the quality; security situation etc. Giving the plausible advancement of work, the Director is hopeful that the project may start generating electricity by 2024.

Another phase of their discussion was on the environmental impacts on the flora and fauna as well as the situation and quality of the rich subsoil and, the organization between the government of Cameroon, the EDF and her Direction, about the project. She added that by the end of the year, they will commence activities by resourcing funds and structuring of the project so as to start construction. Upon completion, the plant will generate 420 megawatts of electricity. Later during the day, the Minister received the Nigerian High Commissioner, H.E. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin. He came visiting with the intention to formalize and deepen trade and economic relationship between Cameroon and Nigeria. According to him, they have realized that trade between both countries have been operating informally as such, the need to come out with a cartel that can formalize the arrangements. He added that, Cameroon and Nigeria have a Chamber of Commerce and as such it is a platform which can facilitate the official trade interaction between both countries. He equally extended his gratitude and that of the Nigerian people and Government to the Minister for the cordial relationship between both countries and especially, for the personal access into the Access Bank which will soon be operational in Cameroon. The Nigeria High Commissioner has been in Cameroon following his appointment since July 13, 2021.