The Sinking Fund of Cameroon (CAA) is a public establishment created by Decree No. 85/1176 of 28 August 1985. It has its headquarters in Yaounde.

Its missions:
the management of public loans of the State and its correspondents, as well as public and semi-public bodies;
provide the Government with information necessary to develop the country\’s debt policy;
seek, investigate and negotiate the external and domestic financing of the State, in conjunction with the ministerial departments concerned;
participate in the monetary and financial market.
Its organisation:

A Board of Directors chaired by the Minister of Finance, a Directorate General and 04 operational departments:

the Debt Operations Department (DOD);
the Project Financing Department (PFD);
the Department of Securities (DS);
the Administrative and Financial Department (AFD).

Taking advantage of the putting in place of Cameroon\’s financial market in December 1999, the CAA was designated \”Central Depository of Exchange.\” The functions of the Central Depository are as follows:

centralization, conservation and circulation of scriptural securities for both issuers and intermediary account holders;
proper transmission of information relating to the cycle of \”settlement/delivery\” as well as that necessary for the settlement of authorised intermediaries, (sundry products: coupons, dividends, refunds, etc …);
the unique coding of all elements (securities, issuers, etc …).

The services of the Central Depository are based in Douala (SOCAR Building, 3rd floor). The CAA shall, as part of its mission, receive technical assistance from the Tunisian Inter-professional Company for compensation and deposit of securities, (STICODEVAM) and from EUROCLEAR France.

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