The 2024 State budget and other Public Entities which stands at 6, 740.1 billion FCFA, in revenue and expenditure, is based on the premise to impact the well being of the population.

The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, presided at the official launch of the State budget and other PublicEntities, for the 2024 financial year in Maroua.In company with the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in Charge of Public Contracts, Ibrahim Talba Malla, the ceremony which took place at the WOILA Hotel, grouped the top executive of the Far North Region, Governor Midjiwa Bakari, the City Mayor of Maroua, the stakeholders involved in the budgetary chain, traditional rulers, economic operators, as well as a host of other personalities, who witnessed the launching exercise.

According to the Minister of Finance, the launching is part of the technical support that the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with other Ministerial departments like the Economy, Planning and Regional Development; Publicl Contracts etc, provide to the actors of the budgetary chain with a view to an optima execution of the finance law of our Republic.

That the budget is placed under the sign of a budget with socio-economic impact hence enabling the finance law, part of the continued implementation of the social, cultural and economic development policy, underpinned by the National Development Strategy 2020-2030 (SND30), whose satisfactory implementation, requires a resumption of economic dynamics and a strengthening of the inclusive character of growth.

In this context, the Government’s action is more than ever oriented towards improving the competitiveness and productivity of the economy, fighting inflation, preserving social strata against dear life, cleaning up the urban environment, strengthening public hygiene and sanitation and taking care of vulnerable social strata.

That it will also be a question of strengthening the Disarmament-Demobilisation-Reintegration process and accelerating the reconstruction of the North West, South West and Far North Regions. In addition, the Government has set itself the other objective of densifying the implementation of decentralization in order to give the Decentralized Territorial Collectivities, the means to make a decisive contribution to the reliance of our economy.

Finally, that as instructed by the Head of State President Paul Biya, in his speech at the end of year, to the Nation, “we must deploy ourselves in order to ensure on the one hand, the finalization or start up of the road and motorway projects selected in order to facilitate the mobility of people and goods and on the other hand, the commissioning of the various hydroelectric dams in order to increase the energy capacities of our country, with the ultimate goal of course, to improve the well being of our populations”.

In order to enable the public to better comprehend the various aspects in the budget, various presentations were made on; the innovations of the circular on instructions for the implementation, monitoring and control of the implementation of the 2024 Budget by the DCOB, Presentation on Tax innovations by the DGI, represented; Presentation on Customs innovations; Presentation on the Public Investment Budget (BIP), by the representative of MINEPAT and a Presentation on the innovations in Public Contracting by the representative of MINMAP.