The Director General of the Budget proceeded on 22 June 2020 in the proceedings room of the Ministry of Finance, to the installation of the 22 officials recently appointed in the Central Services of the Directorate General of Budget.

On behalf of the Minister of Finance, unavoidably absent, the Director General of Budget Mr EDOU ALO’O Cyrille on 22 June, chaired the installation ceremony of the 22 officials appointed on 11June  2020 in the Central Services of the Directorate General of Budget by the same Minister, Mr Louis Paul MOTAZE.

During about thirty minutes, the Proceedings Room put on its brightest attire to welcome its guests. From the reading of the act of appointment by the Deputy Director of the Budget to the family photograph through an important motivational speech by the Director General of Budget, the latter did not fail to recall that their appointment comes in a context of pandemic linked to the coronavirus which disrupts the State budget. Consequently, the Directorate General of the Budget is more than ever called upon to provide a budgetary response. I quote “you have to breathe new life into the team,” he instructed them.

To the Sub-Director of Financial Control, Budget Inspectors, Budget Controllers, Payroll Inspectors and Controllers, the Budget Manager, recalled that his Directorate General is a centre of excellence where mediocrity is not tolerated and where values such as courtesy, loyalty, respect for users and hierarchy, teamwork and speed in processing files remain dear to the Head of Department.

It was with a warm “nudge” that the Director General showed his closeness to his collaborators.