The balance sheet of the bond issue of the State of Cameroon \ »ECMR net 5.6% from 2010 to 2015\ » was presented on the 13th January 2011 in Douala through the voice of the Chief Executive Officer of the SGBC Alexander MAYMAT in the presence of the head of the Department of Treasury Ministry of Finance Bernard Kobou.

It came out from this presentation that after the operation, of the 200 billion expected by the State of Cameroon, subscriptions totalled CFA 203 179 290 000 francs. Mr. MAYMAT said that \ » contrary to what one might think, there is no surplus. For all the prescriptions were not respected. Overall, the State should come out with approximately 197 billion CFA francs as a result of the deduction of expenses to organisers and legal advisers of the operation.\ »

As regards natural persons, he announced that 649 subscribed for a total of CFA 11 billion 236 million 990 thousand francs. These subscribers are from the ten Regions of Cameroon, with peaks in the Littoral and Centre Regions.

In the CEMAC area, Congo topped with subscriptions of CFA 21 billion 551 million 120 thousand francs. Gabonese savings was collected to the tune of CFA 14 billion 117 million 670 thousand francs. As for Equatorial Guinea, they could put CFA 5 billion 2 million 700 thousand francs on the pot. Chad and the Central African Republic have respectively reached CFA 1 billion 79 million 590 thousand and CFA 244 million francs 890 000 francs.

Outside CEMAC, the following come in order of magnitude in participation, France, Morocco, Senegal and China who have contributed to raise 42 billion beyond the national borders.


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