The State Budget for 2022 Fiscal year officially launched. The Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, has officially set the ball rolling for the State Budget for 2022 fiscal year, which stands at FCFA 5, 752.4 billion. To this amount, FCFA 5,599.7 billion is for the general budget and FCFA 152.7 billion, for the 12 Special Appropriation Accounts. This was in the presence of North Governor, the Roving Ambassador, the President of the North Regional Council, the City Mayor of Garoua, representatives of the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, the Ministry of Public Contracts as well as other State and local authorities of the North region. According to the Minister, just like the previous year, the budget was drafted in a context of certain factors which as well affect the execution of the budget. These include amongst others: the global economy returns to positive growth after the 2020 recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic despite the resurgence of the pandemic; rapidity rising food prices; relative containment of the health crisis linked to the coronavirus; the signing of a new three-year program with the IMF. Since the launching is taking place in the regionale capital Garoua, the Minister expressed his gratitude to the vote holders in the execution of the budget for being one of the best performance in the country’s 2021 budget. For this year 2022, the North region has an envelope of FCFA 16 billion, in which FCFA 8.8 billion is for investment while FCFA 7.2 billion is running budget. In addition FCFA 21 billion allotted for central management dedicated to the follow-up and completion of various second generation projects engaged in the health, agriculture and infrastructure domain which are geared to ameliorate the living conditions of the population of the North region. This received a thunderous applause from the population. It should be noted that, there are certain innovations made both in revenue collection and the execution of the budget. Following the official launching by the Minister of Finance, are discussions on various aspects in the budget for better comprehension by the public.