The Minister of Finance wishes to inform the general public that in order to accompany taxpayers within the framework of the persisting health crisis and the digitalisation of tax procedures, the deadline for the filing and payment of the 2020 annual tax balances has been modified as follows:

  • taxpayers of the Large Taxpayers Office, 31 st March instead of 15th March 2021;
  • taxpayers of the Medium size Taxpayer Offices and Specialised Tax Offices, 15th April instead of 15th March 2021;
  • taxpayers of the Divisional Taxation Offices, 30th April of 15th March 2021.

Besides, training workshop on the utilization of the the e-filing procedures shall be scheduled according to the calendar available in the taxation services.

Furthermore, he also reminds taxpayers that the formats of the Statistical and Tax Returns as well as the e-filing guide are available and downloadable from the website of Directorate General of Taxation

The Minister of Finance counts on the collaboration and compliance of all.

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Press release 12 march 2021