The Minister of Finance Louis Paul MOTAZE, is please to inform the national community and in particular State agents that within the framework of the continued implementation of the policy of simplifying procedures initiated by its Ministerial
department and due to numereous requests from the Directorate General od Taxation platform the Certificate of Registration is now available online thanks to the ebulletin application.
Indeed, thanks to this application, it is now possible, both for public officials and for banks to consult and print this precious document from an Internet connection on a computer, a tablet, a telephone… and through the Website and The extension of this reform of the DGI site to the Ebulletin site, aims to protect users from expensive trips to the various tax centers of the Republic, by making it more easy to obtain the said certificate but also to give the possibilty to the Bank to edit it for their customers.
Remember that the requirement to present a Unique Identifier Number for any transaction of an economic nature is prescribed by the 2020 Finance Law and obtaining it is free of charged.

Download the press release (PDF 470 Ko)