After having taken part in the activities marking the celebration of the 35th edition of International Women Day, the amazons of the Ministry of Finances shone by a masterful address at the parade on March 8th at the boulevard of May 20th. Accompanied by the Minister Delegate and his closest collaborators, the Minister of Finance Louis Paul Motaze took part in the festive activities of the celebration of this day which took place at the mythical esplanade of the National Museum.

Taking the floor, madam MENGUELE Judith, spokesperson for women, thanked the Ministry of Finances for having appointed several women to the positions of General Inspector, Directors, Under Directors, while wishing that these be further promoted to other positions such as General Manager and others

In response, the Ministry of Finance firstly congratulated the women for the good organization of their day before reassuring them that he took good note of the sorrow made while encouraging them to be more competent. Relatively to a more social aspect, he appreciated the hearth of women who donated to the Cason orphanage of Nkoldongo.

He also in his suggested that a possible partnership be signed between said orphanage and the entire female group of Ministry of Finance. The ended around the feasts against the backdrop of local sound.