I am waiting for proposals. Let me know, those who are deemed valid and sustainable. We will support them for Women.

Louis Paul Motaze

Minister of Finance

This confirmation was made by the Minister of Finance, Louis Paul Motaze, during a common meal shared with the female collaborators of his Ministry, in company with their male counterpart, shortly after the march past marking the end of a week long of activities of the 39th edition of the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2024, under the theme “Investing in Women, Accelerate Progress”.

The march past which took place at the 20th May boulevard, was chaired by the First Lady Chantal Biya. In a special message to the Cameroonian Woman of all walks of life, Mrs Chantal Biya said that, “the 39th edition of the International Women’s Day, urges us to pool our efforts to advocate for the promotion of female leadership in all domains… and the promotion of women and girls against sexual exploitation and abuse”.

According to the spokesperson of women in the Ministry of Finance, Madam Mveh Marguerite Chantal, great strides have been made but that, “much can still be done “.

She called on hierarchy to accelerate the pace.

The Minister in response, reiterate the great strides which has been made and, promised to accelerate the pace as he said, “I am waiting for proposals. Let me know those who are deemed valid and sustainable, we will support them for Women”. He went on, “Your hierarchy is with you. Your superiors will continue to support you. Your hierarchy is open, because you know that, that is how I work”. Prior to march past on March 8, a week long of activities were carried out by the women of the Ministry of Finance. These included sport activities on Saturday March 2, 2024, at the Presidential Guard sports complex at Melen. It comprised of body fitness and hand ball tournament which, the women of the Directorate General of the Budget emerged champion. It was followed on Monday March 4, by a lunch debate on cancerology, physiotherapy and barrenness, held at the Our Lady of Peace Parish at the lakeside in Yaounde, chaired by the Director of the National Center for Informatics Development (CENADI), Madam Marguerite Mveh, in the presence of experts such as Prof. NDOM Paul Cancerologist and, Doctors EKONO and TAMFA respectively Gyneologist and Physiotherapist.

The president of the organizing committee also led the women to a visit to the pediatric and neonatal services of the Effoulan District hospital in Yaounde and were guided by the Director of the establishment, Dr. Paul Onomo Eloundou. There, they handed a variety of gifts to the hospital staff and to the patients. Last but not the least was a cultural day which was carried out at the premise of MINFI on Wednesday March 6. There was a display of the various cultures in the four regions of Cameroon as well as gastronomy. The day was equally marked by the election of a Miss Finance, which was appreciated by many who, wished that such an exercise be organized more often.