manuel ddpp enThe handbook of administrative procedures for the processing of salaries and pensions is a document that the Ministry of Finance has put at the disposal of users and all the structures in charge of processing salaries and pensions.

The elaboration and publication of this document is intended to support the implementation of government orientations regarding the quality of reception, information and orientation of users, transparency and celerity in the processing of files that guarantee a sound and efficient management.

This initiative would enable us to adequately inform users, by putting at their disposal all required elements for a good working order of the circuit for the processing of salary and pension dossiers.

This document will undoubtedly contribute not only to improve the productivity of the service in charge of payroll and pensions and the quality of services rendered to the public, but also to reinforce governance in the management of public funds.

I am convinced that issuing this procedures handbook will live up to its expectations of efficient processing of salary and pension files at the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister of Finance