When one envisages to invest or to set up a business in Cameroon, it is important to know the first formalities to fulfil. These formalities are of a general order, while others touch on tax registration.

The formalities for setting up an enterprise

The competent services for the accomplishment of the first formalities for enterprise creation are indicated in the following table

Declaration of investmentMinistry of Finance
Deposit at the registryRegistry of the competent CFI
Registration in the Trade registerRegistry of the competent CFI
Statistic registrationRegional Service of Statistics
Declaration of existence at the NSIFRegional Agency of NSIFA
Declaration of existenceRegional Delegation of Labour
Insertion in a news paper of legal announcementsCameroon tribune for example

Tax registration of enterprises

Registration is a formality which permits the potential taxpayer to be known by the taxation services, and to obtain the taxpayers card demanded on several occasions of his fiscal life.

The place of the fiscal registration

The registration file is deposited at the taxation centre of the place where the enterprise or business is situated.

It may be deposited at the Medium sized enterprises taxation Centre (METC), at the Specialised Taxation Centre (STC) if its turnover is equal or higher than 100 million, or at the Large Tax Unit if its turnover is equal or higher than 1 billion.

Simplification of procedures

Since the insertion of the Centres of Business Creation Formalities (CBCF) in Yaoundé and Douala, all these formalities can be fulfilled in the said centres, where all the structures involved in the business creation process in Cameroon are found.

It is henceforth possible to create an enterprise within only 72 hours.