The Financial and Monetary Information Note is a document produced by the Department of Financial and Monetary Cooperation (DCFM), of the Directorate General of the Treasury, Monetary and Financial Cooperation (DGTCFM).

He receives information from various sources, such as banks, financial institutions, exchange bureaus, financial markets, regional institutions for regulation and supervision of the financial sector as well as international financial institutions, which it has to use and process. For analysis and summary purposes, it was more than necessary to bring together said information in a single document. This Note provides an overview of the financial system in Cameroon and aims at encouraging the development of financial literacy among readers.

This document is intended to be a broad spectrum hitch, as it is also intended for third parties seeking information (data and aggregates) on the banking and financial sector. These include professionals in the sector, student researchers, as well as all those interested in practical questions on the financial system

Financial and monetary information note for the second semester 2022
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