Facilités aux entreprises

Practical instruments

  • The telephone call centre which permits users to be in permanent communication with the Administration through a toll free number (82 00);
  • An interactive web site which puts at the disposal of the users texts and tax information and which permits exchanges with the Administration (www.impots.cm) ;

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Improvement in the provision and quality of services

For the past several years, the Tax Administration has been working towards constantly improving the quality and provision of services.

In this perspective, the system of a single tax correspondent has been adopted, which implies on the one hand, a single manager for each taxpayer, and on the other, the management of taxpayers per category.

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Instituted by the 1996/1997 Finance Law, the Approved Tax Management Centres (ATMCs) were organised by Decree No. 2000/002/PM of 6 January 2000, modified by Decree No.2007/0456/PM of 29 March 2007, which also fixes the tax benefits granted to the members of the said centres. The modalities for implementation of the above-mentioned decree were fixed by Order No. 079/PM of 29 March 2007.

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They centre around the governmental measures applied within the concerted framework of stakeholders of the port sector and the specific customs measures for the promotion of investments.

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