The Ministry of Finance (Directorate General of Taxation) maintains technical and financial assistance relations with public establishments and corporations.

Technical assistance

The assistance provided includes:

  • placing staff at their disposal;
  • organising training and capacity building seminars for staff on tax matters;
  • collecting, remitting and controlling the audiovisual fee for the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation (CRTV);
  • collecting, remitting and controlling contributions to the Housing Loan Fund (Crédit Foncier) and the National Employment Fund (NEF);
  • collecting, remitting and controlling social contributions for the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF).

Financial Assistance

The assistance provided concerns the coverage by the Ministry of Finance (DGT), of:

  • The exemption from the company tax on the non-profit making activities of the corporations;
  • The free of charge registration of instruments whose registration should normally have been borne by these structures;
  • The free of charge registration of conventions signed between the public establishments or corporations and other terprises;
  • The exemption from the business licence contribution for their cultural, educational, health, social, sporting or tourist activities.

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